(With Amendments)


Whereas, Psychology as Disciplines of knowledge occupies an important place in the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Whereas, the need of the hour is that Psychologists play a more positive role in strengthening the ideological frontiers of Pakistan, both in thought and actions.

Whereas, Psychology as a subject of study is becoming increasingly popular in the universities and colleges of Pakistan.

Whereas, Internationally, Psychology has achieved a respectable status both as a Fundamental and Applied Science, and is being put to the service of man in different walks of life.

Whereas, the need for the successful application of Psychological knowledge to the solution of Pakistan’s manifold problems is being increasingly left.

Whereas, Psychologists of Pakistan are faced with academic and professional problems, to be dealt with collectively, at National and International levels;

It is here by resolved to give the Pakistan Psychological Association the Present Constitution in place of the Old Provisional one.

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